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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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we're never gonna see each other again, will we? no-no. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back. 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. hello, everyone. i'm alex whit heitt here in new. here's what's happening. these two new polls out just a short time ago. an nbc "wall street journal" poll shows hillary clinton with a five point lead over donald trump. then there's the new "washington post" abc poll which paints a more troubling picture for the trump campaign. his slight lead over clinton last month has plunged. clinton now leads by 12 points. both polls were conducted after the orlando shooting but before the u.k. brexit vote. also new today, mitch
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mcconnell is once again raising concerns over the presumptive nominee. >> he's going to have to have way more than he has now in order to run the kind of campaign he needs to win. >> as hillary clinton prepares to speak at the conference of mayors later on. here's what virginia senator said on meet the press this morning. >> are you qualified to be commander in chief? >> nobody should ever say they're ready for that responsibility. because it is so huge. people will speculate. but i've got one job and one job only right now. and that is to work hard for hillary clinton so she can win and especially in virginia.
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>> you've vetted her. >> i have done my homework about what i think this country needs right now. we've got a nation of 300-plus million people. i am absolutely confident she is the right person. also this morning donald trump compahis campaign chairmad meet the press he's making some major announcements this people. >> he's talking about wanting to staff you have tup the campaign. even though manafort wouldn't tell chuck they are behind. chuck pressed him on whether organizationally and in the polling they are trailing. they have about a tenth of the staffing that hillary clinton has. the donald trump campaign doesn't want to get to the size of hillary clinton's campaign. clearly even manafort himself,
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insiders will talk about the need to bulk up a little bit. listen to what he had to say about combatting hillary clinton's new strategies. >> the issue of brexit, this kind of phony ad doesn't address those things. hillary clinton is ignoring the reality because she's part of the establishment. she can't get away from the fact that she is part of the problem that's being rejected. >> that's manafort and the campaign's sort of tack against hillary clinton here. i expect that you will see more of that in the days to come. >> mitch mcconnell, first of all, saying that donald trump does not have the money, anywhere close to what he needs right now. >> he's got $1.3 million in the bank compared to hillary clinton's 42 million. he raised just over 3 million in may compared to her 28 million. these numbers that we say from the fec filing last week did
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come before trump really started fund-raising in earnest. but mcconnell is bringing up that he likes trump's change in direction, his more scripted style. that is something that senator mcconnell has been wanting to see. he also refused to say whether he thought donald trump was qualified to be president. >> how big an issue is that? >> the first one he answered questions from reporters about donald trump. couple weeks later he just didn't answer any questions at all. he has endorsed trump. that said, his tone at least lately has been very hesitant toward trump. again, he likes that trump's more scripted, he's staying on message. he wants to see him go after hillary clinton more.
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he wants to see him push their economic plot forms rather than get sidetracked on some of these controversies that trump goes off on. notably, sort of saying, hey it's up to the american people to decide whether trump is qualified to be president or not. that is a significant statement or lack of a statement. fran which he is you wrote vote by asking the question will americans eeg toager to give a e finger to the establish. learn from the panic across the pond. is trump off base? >> i don't think he's off base. to a large extent the frustrations that propelled the leave campaign to win are very similar to those that are propelling trump's campaign here.
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i don't want to over simplify but we're largely talking about white working class voters who feel like they've been left behind by the establishment. so they really wanted to vote to exact revenge against the forces that they felt had been either conspireing against them or ignoring them all together. >> let's play a little bit of hillary clinton's new ad against donald trump. >> the president is tested by world events, but trump thinks about how his golf resort can profit from them. >> when the pound goes down, more people are coming to turnbury. >> in a volatile world the last thing we need is a volatile president. >> is the trump camp worried these ads will define him before he really revs up his general
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election campaign? >> donald trump and his advisors have said repeatedly that they do not think they need to spend as much money as hillary clinton and her allies are spending in this race. he raised roughly 11 million dollar this last week. they're very excited about that. but he would have to raise about that much every single week until the election to keep up with her. he thinks through his tweeting, through his interviews, through the rallies that he is defined her as crooked hillary. >> what about your take on conservative columnist george will leaving the party. how damaging is his departure? he's saying the republican dos not vote for donald trump. >> to disclose george is my colleague, so i know him relatively well. we're not best buddies but we know each other. we're colleagues. i would say that his sentiment
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reflects the sentiment of a lot of hard core conservatives in this country who feel that donald trump's brand of politicking, his policy positions do not represent the principles that they stand for. i'm not sure that george's decision to leave the party is so much a harbinger of things to come so much as it is a symptom of disghaus has alreaust that hn brewing amongst conservatives. >> take a look at what newt gingrich said this morning when asked if he's being vetted. >> nobody said anything. >> given the fact that we're three weeks away, what does that say to you? >> he's probably going to start thinking about it about two days before cleveland. >> are you serious? >> yes. i think donald trump does not want to make a decision until the convention. >> so what's your reaction to that? do you think it's a reflection
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of trump's style or there is so much reluctance for someone to come on board and be his running mate? >> his motto has been unpredictability. on the same front the clinton campaign is also being very quiet about who they will select as her running mate. i asked him about that this week and they're not saying anything. but she will be campaigning on monday with elizabeth warren in cincinnati, possibly taking her out for a test run. >> let's get to some poll numbers. the first one about donald trump trailing behind clinton. less than an hour ago trump was sweeti i tweeting the abc poll is heavy on democrats. why would they do that? other polls good. your paper, which found him 12 points behind clinton.
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with -- >> he doesn't seem to really be planning out his campaign so much in advance and thinking strategically about what lines of attack are going to be most successful. it seems like he kind of operates on the fly. he figures out what one-liners are going to get the biggest applause, the biggest response at his rallies and then he doubles down on those. it doesn't seem like he's really thinking longer term about building a strategy, building a campaign or focus grouping in any more scientific sense for that matter. it's about taking the pulse of the moment based on what he sees around him. >> when newt gingrich suggested donald trump will start working on that a couple days before the
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convention, do you know that's really true? do you think this just means that newt gingrich is not being vetted? >> i'm not sure how much information newt gingrich is likely to disclose with the general public at this point whether there's something going on in terms of vetting him or not. it's in his interest to keep the kar cards close to the chest. it wouldn't surprise me if trump waits until the very last minute to read the pulse of the room, read the pulse of the twitter-verse. . friends in the past, but what about the present? what do bill clinton and donald trump think about each other now? that's next.
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it may be hard to fathom now but at one time former president bill clinton and donald trump were friends. during the heat of a presidential campaign, this relationship may be feeling a bit strained. >> here's the story. there is nobody that was worse, nobody, than bill clinton. okay? nobody. now, in the history of politics, in the history of politics hillary clinton's husband abused women more than any man that we know of in the history of politics. >> let's bring in michelle goreman political reporter at news wee newsweek. so michelle, you know the phrase with friends like that who needs
10:16 am
enemies. but those words from donald trump sound like there's nothing friendly about them at all. >> it's very interesting. because through my research for this story i found that last spring bill clinton and donald trump had a private phone conversation in which bill clinton advised that trump take a more prominent role in the republican party. now, this was about a month after hillary had declared her presidential bid and just a few weeks before donald trump declared his own. these two have been long time friends before the presidential election pitted the two families against one another. >> how far back did their friendship go? >> decades. through my research, i found that the two have golfed together. donald trump has said bill clinton is the best of the past four presidents. he invited the clintons to his wedding in 2005 which they
10:17 am
attended. it goes back for decades. i specifically looked monica lewinsky scandal. at the height of bill clinton's presidency he admitted to having relations. donald trump seemed to sympathize with the president, saying he should be able to refuse to answer questions about his sexual history. and ten years later in 2008, he said that he again was sympathizing for him and said he's strong as teflon. he can get through this. he called the impeachment process nonsense. >> the clinton libraries is going to release some photos of donald trump with bill clinton that were taken back in 2000. what do you think we might learn about the relationship with these two men from these photos? >> if the photos say anything, i don't know if you recall the photo of the clintons attending that wedding in 2005. donald trump has been criticized for his friendship with the
10:18 am
clintons. they're fellow new yorkers. so i can only imagine that it might make it an even uglier election campaign season than we've already seen. >> you talk about the wedding. that's the wedding of donald trump to his current wife melania. hillary clinton was in the front row. >> she was in the front row. bill clinton later joined them at the reception. >> he said they had no choice but to attend because of all the money he donated to them. >> he spun it, which we've seen donald trump do with different issues. he kind of seems to spin different issues, different policies. a trump aide has said that he was friend with bill clinton. but he said now the game is different. >> you mentioned the times when trump has been known to support and defend the former president. do you think there's anything in here that can complicate further
10:19 am
the campaign for either candidate? >> i mean, i was very surprised when i found out that trump thought clinton was the best of the past four presidents. very surprised at that. in the past trump called clinton an victim to an unattractive group of women. you'll remember there were three female accusers during the '90s. now he's saying, no, no, clinton is the victimizer. he's the worst abuser of women in the history of politics. >> thanks for talking with us about it. let's go now to capitol hill and the battle over gun legislation. plans are underway by house democrats to keep pushing the issue after the historic sit-in just this past week. congressman, it's always good to see you. what do you think you and your colleagues accomplished? >> well, we put this issue right at the top of the agenda. this was in the deep freeze.
10:20 am
we moved it to the front of the stove. it is a very hot and very necessary issue. we're not going to let this go away. we're going to do a national day of action on wednesday and then when we go back on july 5th, you can bet this issue is going to be pushed forward by our caucus. it's an important issue. it's one that the american people want congress to deal with. >> it was notable during your turn to speak, that you said although the house speaker's chair is empty, you don't believe his heart is. do you think he would come to some sort of middle ground with democrats? >> i think so. i think ryan is a good person. i know he has a good heart and i know he's really concerned about the kind of vienolence that's o there. unfortunately his caucus is tied to the nra. there's a way out of this. that's that he could promise on july 6th that the judiciary
10:21 am
committee would take up this bipartisan bill dor, do some amendments. the issue of civil liberties should be dealt with. go to an up and down vote and see where it lies. that's what ought to happen. i think he could do that. frankly i think it will pass and we'll close the gun show loophole, the internet loophole, have universe ap backgroual bac checks. and say if you're too dangerous to fly, you're too dangerous to buy. >> don't you think house speaker has a point about the precedent this sit-in sets? it raises obstacles to the legislative process. >> of course it does. the purpose of this sit-in was to raise this issue, to stop business as usual. that's why you do these kinds of
10:22 am
things. yes, it was disruptive. yes, it did break the rules. that's exactly what we set out to do, was to bring the normal process to a stop and raise a fundamental and important issue. we've had 11 mass shootings in america since the first of the year. this year we're on an even stronger record of terror and hnds. and we need to deal with this. to go on and say that people that are too dangerous to fly can go out and buy a gun. more than 2,000 on the terrorist watch list have been able to buy guns. >> i'm curious. when you are walking through the halls and you see your democratic colleagues, do they ever privately express to you -- rather your republican colleagues. do they ever privately express to you things like, you know,
10:23 am
goo good job? do they ever talk to you as a private citizen? >> absolutely. there are relationships that are deep, that are very very positive between democrats and republicans. i'm not going to name names right now, but many of the folks that have been on television on the republican side during this sit-in are very close colleagues. and our spouses are also very, very close. we spend time talking about a variety of issues including this one. and when we travel as we should do to the troubled spots of the world to gain information, we spend hours and hours not only with the representatives but also with spouses. and that's exceedingly important. but then you come down to these hot emotional issues such as
10:24 am
last week with the sit-in and everybody goes back to their corner. but we can get past this one. there is a simple solution lehe and that is let's vote on this. let's put it on the floor, see where the votes are. will it pass? i would hope so. there are those on the republican side who said even though it isn't going to pass. well, let's find out. a daughter's advice. the real influence and power ivanka trump has on her father's presidential campaign.
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10:28 am
just a few months ago. and you covered everything from how she's a successful mom and businesswoman to being her father's daughter. so when you say that she's the smartest one in the family, what drove you to that? >> what drove me to that was when i interviewed her and the interview appeared in the february 2016 edition of town and country magazine. what convinced me was she was very stable, very sober in how she presents herself. like her father and like you would have seen in scotland, all about the brand. she is all about the ivanka trump brand. the challenge for her, i did interview in november. the challenge for her as the campaign has got on is to still be loyal to her father who she loves very much and is loyal to him very genuinely with obviously the extremity of his words and the extremity of that
10:29 am
campaign. >> something that you describe her as being, she's very very measured. some of the misconceptions people have about ivanka? >> she's the daughter of an incredibly wealthy person who doesn't have to do very much. my impression, she's absolutely from a rich family, but she very much recognizes her own privilege. she has worked extremely hard in that organization. as well as talking to her for an hour at trump tower, i also spoke with people who add worked alongside her. the impression i got was she was somebody who unlike her father was extremely temporate and extremely neutral. extremely tough. she was extremely focused on what what she wants to do and wants to sell. if you go on her social media,
10:30 am
that is an extension of herself. these are lovely images. they're very much a variance from the toxicity that many people associate with her father. the interesting thing for ivanka is really facing down people's objections. you may have seen an article this week which raised this. will she clarify and state what she believes? and does she believe the same things as her dad? i think at some point maybe she will come out and say something. but if my impression of her is correct, she will carry on trying to execute this balancing act of love and loyalty but also self-preservation, which she, like her father, is an absolute ma master at. you'll have seen in the story this is week about corey who was
10:31 am
ejected from the campaign. you'll also see that her fingerprints are nowhere if i man behaved in that way, we must be careful not to be sexist toward ivanka trump. she is a good businesswoman and she's trying to protect her business while remaining loyal to her father. my impression was this isn't somebody who believes the extreme things her father does, but she would defend him very strongly in the piece that i wrote and i quoted her directly that she believes he is a feminist.
10:32 am
so she is absolutely signed onto those elements of her father's policies. >> do you think of all the siblings she's her father's closest ally? >> yes. my impression was she was the power behind the throne position. i think the most symbolic example of that, when he launched his campaign it was her who introduced him to the nation. it was her with her husband on the golf course this week. she's very photogenic. the stories with corey lewandowski, it was her name that went unchallenged in subsequent reporting, that it was her that was instrumental in that. let's not underestimate her position in her father's campaign. and maybe she will make some more overt public statements about her own politics.
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tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt. new york's fifth avenue is jammed at this hour as the city's pride parade is underway. security is tight for what's widely regarded as the nation's largest lbgt pride parade. we saw a lot of people coming by and they were pretty happy. is it still the case? this is a long parade. >> reporter: yeah, it really is. this parade steps off at noon. and i'm told that it will go well past 6:00 coming down fifth avenue here in new york. we're starting to get some of the people catching up. we were told that there were
10:37 am
more than 32,000 people marching in this event today. that's some 440 different groups. and if you could see in this group here, several of the signs are referencing orlando. of course it was just two weeks ago, the worst mass shooting in u.s. history took place at the pulse gay nightclub in orlando, killing 49 people. and that is first on the minds of a lot of the people marching here today. there was a moment of silence at the start of the march for everyone who has died either in a hate crime or from aids. there were 49 rainbow colored flags, one for every victim. many of these groups are carrying signs with pictures of the 49 victims that died in that orlando attack. but the mood here is certainly n not somber. i had one person tell me they're out here today to show they're
10:38 am
not afraid to be gay or lesbian or transsexual here in the united states. they want to show that love conquers all. you hear a lot of people chanting that love is love. and they are just here to celebrate who they love. they're handing out lots of little trinkets to people in the crowd, rainbow bracelets, rainbow floags. people are lined up here on fifth avenue in some places eight or ten deep. >> does the party continue anywhere? you're saying this parade goes for six hours. but are there plans for events this evening elsewhere? >> reporter: yeah. this is a whole week worth of pride events going on in new york city. last night there was a concert on one of the piers on the west side. there are dinners going on. various different events. it encompasses an entire week and especially this weekend. it's not just the pride march.
10:39 am
let's go back to politics. new today bernie sanders telling hillary clinton how to rally his supporters. nbc's kristin welker is in indianapolis with more on this. >> reporter: well, first of all, secretary clinton has completely pivoted to the general election. that's going to be on display today when she spokes here in indianapolis. she will likely talk about donald trump. she's going to talk about the brexit vote. senator sanders is still technically in this race. he has dropped out or endorsed her yet. the reason, he says there's still work to do. he wants to have influence over the party's platform. the party's platform will likely include a clause about getting the minimum wage to $15 an hour. but there's other issues he's fighting for that he wants to see happen before the party's convention. the being concern for the democratic party is party unity.
10:40 am
here's what he had to say. >> i am going to do everything that i can to defeat donald trump. but a lot of that responsibility about winning the american people over to her side is going to rest with secretary clinton. it's not just bernie sanders like, oh, yeah, just vote for hillary clinton. it is hillary clinton standing up and saying, you know what, these are the things we need to do. if she does the right thing, i am absolutely confident that the vast majority of my supporters will vote for her. >> reporter: some democrats within the clinton campaign are privately growing impatient with senator sanders for not dropping out of the race. secretary clinton, though, is going to be campaigning with senator elizabeth warren tomorrow in the ohio. she has endorsed secretary clinton and she could be a very important force in terms of bringing democrats together and rallying those sanders progressive voters. of course she's getting a lot of buzz now for potentially being a
10:41 am
vice president pick. she is being vetted, we know that. big question mark. >> she's high profile anyway you look at it. a popular revolt is bringing the u.k. over its decision to leave the european union. european leaders gather in brussels on tuesday to discuss the next steps in britain's separation from the eu. lucy, with a good day to you, how seriously are members of the parliament taking this petition? >> reporter: this petition is certainly making the rounds. . it's getting attention. it represents a dramatic reaction from voters here in the united kingdom. citizens who are furious with that decision to split from the european union. we have to keep in mind that lawmakers here in the u.k. have their hands full with the political turmoil and the fallout over that brexit vote.
10:42 am
we have seen today calls for heads to roll in parliament, a series of resignations and firings today from the opposition labor party. meanwhile, the ruling conservative party still trying to figure out who is going to replace david cameron as prime minister. as for this petition, it is essentially an angry call for a do-over. it is an expression of fury and disappointment. lawmakers could take up this petition in parliament but that does not mean there is going to be a second referendum. while more than 3.3 million v e votes is certainly a lot, 17.4 million people voted to part ways with the eu. we're si ee're seeing a divided. it is the state that's bought more guns than any other.
10:43 am
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gun sales are going up in kentucky. this has happened since the terror in orlando and failed attempts at new gun control legislation in the senate. according to fbi background checks, kentucky residents have bought more gun this is yes thi residents of any other state. >> the context of this conversation is really important. what a week for gun control or lack thereof. we had the four failed votes in the senate. a 26 hour sit-in by house democrats. we've got this nbc "wall street journal" poll that just came out today. it shows that 50% of the population is afraid that the government is going to go too far to regulate gun sales. and 47% says they're not going to go far enough. a clear division. no consensus in the aftermath of the orlando shooting.
10:47 am
when i went to kentucky to talk to gun owners at a beautiful ranch called open range, i could see that the vibe before my eyes. take a listen to this. >> they have presented it stin such a way where there's a compromise. we absolutely need extended background checks. what's so wrong with it? >> it's important that we make sure that not only are we protecting our second amendment rights but making sure people can be safe while doing so. if that means background checks, of course that should happen. that f that means not allows people on watch lists to purchase firearms, of course that should happen. people shouldn't have to stick to their guns so much if they are -- if that's not going to do anything. >> absolutely not. i think we've got enough in
10:48 am
place. it did not help in orlando. if you outlaw guns, what you have is outlaws with guns. and we have no way of having an even playing ground. because they're going to have the ars and we're not. >> what are you trying to accomplish by expanding the background check system? that is a proposal. if you are trying to accomplish cutting down on mass homicide, i'm going to tell you that won't work. and the reason i'm going to tell you that is virtually every single one of these people has passed a background check or they've done what other criminals do, which is stolen their weapons, which is what the sandy hook shooter did. so the current system accomplishes nothing. most people who want to do bad things with gun either buy them through the background check system or they buy them from someone who is going to sell to them whether that's illegal or
10:49 am
not. >> the most important piece of information i think that comes out of that information is from tonya moore. when she was younger, she wouldn't allow guns in the house. she thought they were dangerous. in the last ten years however, with mass shootings on the recognize and a perceived uptick in violent crime, she has reversed herself. and now because she thinks guns are the only way the level the playing field, she wants to own them. that experience, her experience is a national one. the number one reason people own guns today is protection. ten years ago that wasn't true. it used to be hunting and sport and recreation. now people are afraid and want safety, they reach for their guns. >> would tanya not pass a background check? >> she would, of course. but because she realizes to her guns are this important. she's afraid of a shoot other at her church, at her supermarket. she wouldn't want to prevent
10:50 am
anyone from having access to a gun. a background system or a ban on people getting guns on the terror watch list would prevent a small number of people from legally accessing their weapons. she doesn't want to support such a system. it's an excess of concern >> okay. great piece. i wish people could have seen my reaction during it. no. thank you. >> thank you. the questions being raised about donald trump touring his new golf sexual intercourse in scotland and how he's going to build up his campaign staff. sir! it's the president!
10:51 am
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he was part of a historic victory. donald trump recognized. that but the campaign has now transitioned to a new phase. we're organized in all 16 states that we're going to be targeting as battle ground states.
10:54 am
we'll be making those announcements this week. >> joining me now, ryan williams, a former press secretary for mitt romney's 2012 campaign. i would like you to react. is that norm that you have a team in place, particularly leadership team, if you will, to get to the primaries and then you change up for the generals? >> well, there's obviously adjustments you make after you secure the nomination. but you make them right away. we're about a month after donald trump became the presumptive nominee. he is understaffed. he has one-tenth the staff that hillary clinton does and he's at a $41 million cash on hand disadvantage. they're way behind organizationally now. they have a lot of work to do. i know paul is trying to put a good face on. this but it's a difficult spot they find themselves in right now. >> you think something that was preordained, they thought about it or was reactionary to the week and the last few weeks? >> i think that the change in
10:55 am
leadership was a result of the job just not getting done. they did win the primary. the campaign had failed to scale up for the general election. they had not made adjustments in the messaging from the candidate. they didn't raise any money. i don't know what they were doing all month after they got the nomination. he raised only $3 million, i think two of it came out of his own pocket. hillary clinton was raise 4$40 million. i think removing corey quelled that. >> ryan, what we saw yesterday is donald trump taking reporters on what is described as a slow speed tour of one of his golf cour courses in scotland. i spoke to my reporter after that. >> imagine mitt romney in 2012 giving reporters a tour of bane capital and talking about how the election could enrich mitt romney and the romney family.
10:56 am
just imagine that for a second. this is unprecedented. i've never seen anything like someone who doesn't suspend their personal business life for the presidency. it's a public service that you're trying to do to be president, right? he is -- it seems to be looking at the run for president as a marketing opportunity. >> what is your take on the optics of all of this? do you think a tour of bane capital would have ever been on the table? >> no. we obviously would not have done. that if we did, we would have gotten pillared for it. the trip this week az bwas a ba move. you know, great concern that's are being voiced by leaders in the party and activists, i think it would have been a good move to cancel it and say i'm donald trump and i'm running for president. i'm focused on this and this aloevenlt by goi alo alone. by going to scotland and talking about the sprinkler system and suites, it reminds people that donald trump does not have his whole heart vestareart invested
10:57 am
effort. >> can you give me one sentence on advice you would give to donald trump if you were working with him? >> start focusing on the raise and start raising money. >> all right. ryan williams, thank you for. that that will do it for this hour. up next, clubbing todd speaks to donald trump's campaign manager. have a great day. ah, it's my brother. keep going... sara, will you marry... [phone rings again] what do you want, todd???? [crowd cheering] keep it going!!!! if you sit on your phone, you butt-dial people. it's what you do. todd! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. i know we just met like, two months ago... yes! [crowd cheering] [crowd cheering over phone] fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum.
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may cause low blood sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. this sunday, brexit. trump and this sunday, brexit. trump and clinton. the brits are getting out and immigration was the main cause. what might it mean for the u.s. presidential election this november? >> great similarities between what happened here and my campaign. people want to take their country back. >> the consequences for britain, europe, and the united states. plus, one by one, prominent republicans are abandoning trump. is it still possible the dump trump movement could succeed? his campaign chairman paul manafort is with me this morning. also, our brand-new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll on the state of the race. and the veepstakes. who's on trump's short list for vice presidents and what about clinton's?


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